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JessiesLifeADayAtATime (profile) wrote,
on 7-18-2004 at 2:52pm
so like i'm on the fone and elise goes 'guess wat i'm doing?' and i'm like 'i dunno' 'i'm eating breakfast' and i'm like 'Oh! i forgot.' and it was like 230 and i'm like 'i'm gonna have pizza from last nite.' and then i was like 'but it was out all nite, i don't really care, i'll eat it anyways.' and then i'm like walking around, and then i feel like shit crawling on me and i'm like WTF?! and then i fucking remembered that there are like ants in the house rite now and its gross!! so like i threw the pizza in the box again and turned on the light and was like HOLY SHIT! and i was on speaker at elise's house and like her mom heard and then like now her mom doesn't like me. and i was like totally freaking out. lol. so then i threw the box in the garbage out side. i paid 20 dollars for the mother fucking pizza. and like i had two pieces last nite and now the rest in gone to WASTE AWAY IN THE BIG STINKY GARBAGE W/ ANTS! and now like i have the chills and shit and like i subconsciously think i have ants crawling on me. and its gross still. lol. well thats it. i'm out. later. <3 jes jes
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Yeah....., 07-19-04 11:49pm

yeah, dude, YEAH. my mom doesnt like your mouth. she told brett that. why didnt she say NEthing to me? she talks to brett, and NOT ME?!

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Re: Yeah....., 07-21-04 1:24am

crazy... definitly. lol. i think that you should walk to my house. and YEA! walk to my house. do it do it. you won't you won't. lol. y didn't you shut it off for me!?

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