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playachika (profile) wrote,
on 7-19-2004 at 1:08pm
Current mood: odd
Music: way away
Well... VBS is doing really well.. the first night was pretty hectic but today went alot smoother.. the kids are really hiked up. Audrey took me home yesturdya.. but i think i wrote that...
i feel odd right now.. i couldnt sleep last night. i kept waking up. My friend and I got into a huge fight.. it sucks.. Michael comes home today so i guess thats good. Billy n Dewitt n I do not hang out as much anymore. It's pretty much like they're on vacation... i wished theyd come back.
I got a phone call today from some guy named Jimmy in FortMyers.
He said he heard ima whore and wantede to kno it was true because he talks to people at fort myers and they said i was a whore and a bitch. whattya kno! girls.. i really hate them... They are so gay!! I wish most girls would just fall off the face of the earth. They are too bitchy for their own good and have their noses so far up their ass they can't smell their own shit! whataver works.. just whatever....
i want to kno how this jimmy character recieved my phone number in the first place. Alex has been wanting me to do stuff but ive bin really busy and i got in trouble so that kinda scratched last night. he actually left a message! haha that kid i didint think he knew how!
well my mom is coming downstairs... better stop writing for now..
Love always
Comment me someone!

look.. i cant cuddle or anything.. wow i suck. but i guess im good at sex! lol

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07-20-04 12:43pm

heeeeey sorry its been awhile since my last comment but i havent gone online so ya cant b 2 mad at me... listen up jus cause we havent hung out doesnt mean i dont still love u and everything but now i dont have a car (dont ask) so its gonna b extra hard 2 c u for the last 20 sumthin dayz we have left but im gonna try and yea thats bout all i hafta say

Frankie :D

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