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SinfulDarkness (profile) wrote,
on 7-19-2004 at 3:43pm
Current mood: confused
Music: Deadstar Assembly - Send me and Angel
Hey whats dad is going out of town in a few days I am so fuckin happy =D I have a list of movies I am gonna rent to watch for the whole week while I stuff my face on the couch =) Dude its been really weird lately I have had a really strong urge to cut myself, I'm not depressed at all I have been pretty happy lately so its not that I just want to cut myself and see blood...kinda freaky but thats how I have been feeling...ya well I dont have much to say right now but I wanted everyone to comment and tell me which of the followig pictures they think would look good for my new journal layout...the entry colum will go either on the left or right hand side and the picture on the other....PLEASE comment and tell me which one you like!

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07-24-04 11:37pm

hey ashley, i like the very last one- the one of Angelina Jolie.....and uhhm i heard this metal band on Head Bangers Ball and their name is Crisis...they have a girl as a lead singer and i think you might like their music. meh, peas. ~Libby*

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from mo., 07-25-04 9:16pm

i like the first one.. or maybe the xtina ones. hmm lol. i can put them in 4 you if your thinkin of putting them in your GJ. kbye.

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