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supergurl (profile) wrote,
on 7-19-2004 at 9:12pm
Subject: the song Preston wrote for me :-)
This is the song that made me cry!

As I drove away, today
I wish that I could be with you now, right now
To see your smile appear.
Your lips, your eyes
Intoxicating to my mind
And its all so far, its all so far away

I'll be thinkin about you
I'll be dreamin about you
I'll cry myself to sleep til you are here

As i fly away, today
I realize that im getting farther from
Your touch, its hurting me inside
Your skin, so soft
Your body beautiful
And i cant live without you, cant live without you now

I made it home, today
Your just so close but really far
Away, from me
Im fallin to my knees
Prayin that you are here, praying that you are here with me

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