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playachika (profile) wrote,
on 7-21-2004 at 8:23pm
Current mood: moved
Music: amazing grace
Hey! this week at VBS has been a blast! The kids were soo excited and hiked up about God's love. Im so glad i got to be in charge of sing and play bay this year.. it makes me so... i dont kno.. happy inside to know that i am making a difference in childrens lives. The two crew leaders that have been sticking out to me tho, are britt n audrey n courtney. they have shown spirit throught the whole time. I was reading brittanys journal and she marked Audrey off as her role model. I mean sure i was sad it wasn't me, but.. as i think about it, audrey was once my role model. I wish i could be like her. She has the smile for the whole world and tries to cheer anybody uup! Britt, she's just a character. When even I am having a rough time, every morning she seems to have the right amount of energy to give me a hug. Shes kind of like a lil sis for me yah kno? I kno that courtney is mine, but i feel like, i can make a difference in her life.. just by sharing experiences that i dont want her to go through. Courtney has been smilin and laughing this whole week. The little ones look up to her to much... i wish she could just realize that...
I have this song stuck in my head that we sang today. its' a weird version of amazing grace... its stuck in my head. you want to know what the best part of today was? This little boy, he didn't want to be there the first night.. and he almost left for good but then him mom brought him back and he wasnt too excited. As the week has progresed, he has participated and even knows the words and lines to the songs without looking. Today, joe was asking peole to make prayers, and he was the first volunteer. At that moment his mom walked in and didn't let him see her because she knew he'd be nervous. I think this was the first time he had ever prayed because he was very very scared at first.. then , after he said Amen, his mom poked her head up and started crying... i think we actually made something in the soul of this child. i think we made him a believer. WE all brought God into him... and that is the best feeling in the world... to see such a miracle happen inside a small little boy. He made a difference in me today. He let me know.. good things really do happen.
Besides all of this, I was going to go out witha few people tonight, but i didn't because my dad said the curfew of the night was 10.. which sucks ass... then i was gonna go with other people places.. but that changed too! i think im going to dye my hair dark... but i cant decide if i wanna do it or not1 im aksing people riite now!

TanBi0tCh: should i dye my hair dark tonight
JeannieBikini9: ooo, yeah!
JeannieBikini9: that'd be pretty
TanBi0tCh: like i dunno if i should keep the highlites or not

well theres one... so right now im dying it! haha. I have such a happy feeling inside right so happy i dont kno what to say anymore..

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07-21-04 8:45pm


<3 ya Laur

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Re:, 07-21-04 8:46pm

sorry posted by Jeannie, ha

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07-22-04 8:33pm

aw Laur, you're gonna make me cry, the love of Jesus is in the air!

-Birthday Buddy

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