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sherriffsteve (profile) wrote,
on 7-23-2004 at 8:58am
What would it take for you to believe in Jesus?
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well, for starters..., 07-24-04 1:58am

this; what i have; what's happened; the empty feeling in my guts when i swore that he wasn't there; the warmth of the sunset; making it home after a long day; the long day itself; the warmth of my mother's arms; the tears in the eyes of pastor dave; how lost i once was; how safe i now feel; love; close friends who let me take the long way; the long way, how hurtful and pointless it seemed, and how great it felt to arrive at this; my lowest point, which i don't even want to admit to here; the fact that no matter how much i tried to avoid him god never forgot or forsaked me; etc., etc., etc.

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