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lindseyethatsme (profile) wrote,
on 7-26-2004 at 4:57pm
Subject: im getting it right for real this time
okay so today killed. band camp from 8 to 4. yeah thats even longer than a normal school day. and yes i am a dork because i put myself in activities that involve going to band camp and pretty much being an all around band geek. but whatever. :)

chelsea is gone and has been gone for quite a few days now and its starting to get depressing. i was spending every moment with her for awhile there...

then again erica is back in america...from wherever she was? -just kidding- and she's jsut been told she's not going to south america. yayyy. so i have her back AND she doesnt have dance. wHoA.

other than that there's no new news to tell of and im hungry..sooooo goodbye for now

nathan- the cool points are out the window and i'm all twisted up in the game...

good times

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man that chesea girl is great, 07-28-04 12:19am

mmm, yeah i can see why your all like depresed over this chelsea girl's dissapearence of the face o the freakin earth. shes pretty fablous. :)

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