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alwaysfalling (profile) wrote,
on 7-27-2004 at 1:38am
Current mood: lonely
Music: postal service - brand new colony
i would love to write a nice long, interesting journal entry but i find nothing to write about, so i'll write about my weekend and some thoughts, maybe it'll turn out to be lengthy.

so we went to orlando. we being tina, her little cousins, megan and morgan, their mommy, the grandparents, and the parentals. we arrived in the early afternoon saturday and headed for the mall, only to find it overcrowded and not fun for shopping due to long lines and such. so we went to the hotel and went swimming and hot tubbing. then went to anne's more private pool at her house. swam for a good hour. tina likes taking advantage. the kids were fun. chicken fights with the girls... haha. tina got slapped accidentally. morgan and her no fear. went back to the hotel, showered and changed for dinner. went back to anne's house and got pulled over in the process. whew. scary. thank goodness for being "tourists". ate dinner, watched vietnamese music thingys, got abused by the little kids. silly kids, trying to jump on danielle's back. went back to the hotel and slept in the freezing room. interesting dream. woke up sunday to go to blizzard beach. boy was it cold in that room. got dressed and ate breakfast at perkins. people sitting behind us were muy interesante. they sounded like they had a fun saturday night. went to blizzard beach. got settled and just had an enjoyable day at a waterpark. i love disney. everything about it. especially those great looking guys in bathing suits. mmm... i'll take one of those. ate chinese food afterwards then it was back home. good times.

current thoughts:

the dmc started tonight. sadly, i watched a lot of it. listened to all of jimmy carter's speech and al gore's. i hope their optimism for the future works out cause it sure does sound like they want to make this world a better place, so vote kerry if you can vote.

thats another thing, why can't we vote? i imagine a lot of us are just as smart or smarter than a good portion of the population that can in fact vote so why not let us?

i don't get guys and their bullshit. whatever works for you. good luck in the future.

christina and i figured that i should just baby-sit kids and not parent them since i have a problem about being mean and disiplining. i will just be the favorite aunt.

i love no sales tax week and shopping in the dark except for the no ac part. dance party in the dressing room with the flashlight!!


not as lengthy as i would like. whatever.
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07-27-04 12:14pm

whoa danielle, watchin the dnc, very impressive.

mr.epstein would surely be proud "good job, um,"

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Re:, 07-27-04 6:00pm

lol. i swear i saw him there last night. didn't surprise me at all.

hope all is well.

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07-27-04 9:20pm

you know who loves the vienamese music dealys? omg everyone in my family. they're obsessed! sometimes the comedy sketches can be funny. sometimes.

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Re:, 07-27-04 11:05pm

yeah they were laughing at one em, but did i know what they were laughing at? no... cause i can't understand vietnamese =/

but i still like seeing the pretty asians.

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07-28-04 5:35pm

"i hope their optimism for the future works out cause it sure does sound like they want to make this world a better place"

I highly doubt that there are any candidates that out there that don't want to make the world a better place.

While I too am attracted by the seemingly eternal optimism of the new face of the Democratic Party, it won't stand up. It also doesn't change the fact that they are a party of cowards who run from their decisions and shirk away from responsiblity.

BTW, the reason you can't vote is because your ging to vote for something petty like that. They are optimistic. Whoopi!! Yeah! Good for them. You can be as optimistic when you don't stand for much of anything. Vote on issues, not of emotions.

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Re:, 07-28-04 8:14pm

thanks for your views.

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