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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 7-28-2004 at 11:33am
Current mood: cheerful
Music: ..LaSt s0ng -->> AAR..
Subject: . FREE iN *2* DAYYSZ! .
yAy .. i s0o cant wait. but i did learn n0t t0 lie nem0re t0 my parentsz 0r i'll be fuckedD. i saw MiKE 0n m0nDayy f0r lyke 2 sec0ndsz. it was g00dD. but i dunn0, he's intimidatedD by my m0m nd i wish he wasnt nd he saysz i dun understandD nd i d0 but i kn0 my m0m already lykesz wut she hearsz b0ut hiim. i dunn0, but that's benn 0ur biggest thing s0o far. nd he sayysz that he dun wana hurt me nd he wantsz t0 be wit me nd he didnt sayy n0 b0ut n0t meeting them. but fRidayy, my m0m nd my dad are guna g0 0ut t0 eat wit me nd miKe. imma pick hiim upp nd bring hiim there nd then after me nd hiim are guna g0 t0 the m0viesz. i h0pe he g0es. he juss dun want my parentsz t0 see the tatt00 0n his leg nd i dunn0, he's wantsz them t0 lyke hiim which i relle thiink theyy will. but yea, that's b0ut it. cept i br0ught my car t0 MAAC0 yesterdayy nd it's gettin paintedD. jENNY went wit me nd we hadD crazyy funn. l0l .. g00d dayy. my fuckiin NEW $9o straightener br0ke nd it suxx s0o0o badD. newayysz, EdDY calledD me yesterdayy cuz he missesz me but i'm n0t l0siin miKe 0ver hiim. it juss w0nt happen. but i g0tta take a sh0wer. wRite m0re later. xoxo

<33 SiSi
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