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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 7-28-2004 at 12:00am
Current mood: amused
Music: autobiography // ashlee simpson
Subject: you can get everything you want. just work. duh.
wowzers. x posting. <3

daddy picked up dunkin donuts for breakfast. =) yesterday for lunch we went to Patillo's and man.... their food is priceless... i no longer "eat to live" i now... "live to eat". this food up here is so much better than in florida. afterwards we found lights to take home for our kitchen, which took 5 minutes. then we went to the mall. it was downhill from there.
---> went into A&F, daddy grew impatient and mommy and daddy started fighting about money again. i swear my dad is jewish. no offense anyone. now we leave the mall and come back to gail & jimmy's house. played with Casey & James some more. they are just adorable, i have pictures, and i will post them when i get home. but... then we headed to uncle critter's house. hung out with my little cousin brandon, n gave him a biggggg wedgy, and i go, "what are you gonna do now?!" and he goes, "go give auntie sherri (my mom) a wedgy." lol. anyways... we went to Ariello's for pizza. and damn that was the best pizza in the world. my dad was like, "its amazing that you can come back to the SAME place after 35 years and they still make the pizza the same."

after dinner ---> aunt maria, me, brandon, my mom, and sister left in the suburban... and uncle critter, lil chris, my brother & dad left in the mustang. well the suburban got home... but uncle critter's car didn't. turns out they got pulled over for speeding. the cop handcuffed my uncle cause he was "wreckless driving" and he got his car towed. plus, my uncle and dad both had a beer in the car, and 2 margaritas each at dinner, and my uncle's license plate was expired... geesh. my uncle was talking to my papa and goin', "if i had to empty my pockets, i would have had it in for myself." <--- implying what he had wasn't good. COUGH COUGH! lol... but he didn't get a DUI... just a speeding ticket or something and now he has to go to court. but that was his fault. ---> just showing off his new mustang. but that was the night.

today... i'm not sure what our plans are. i think i need to shower & when my dad gets home, my mom & i are going school shopping. =) bye byes xoxo
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07-28-04 5:30pm

1. Figure out how to spell outrageous with no spaces or odd capitalization.

2. Abercrombie and Fitch sucks.

3. Being cheap and being Jewish are not synonmous. Being Dutch and cheap is synonmous. Throughout history the Jewish people have always had money because no one wanted anything to do with them, kicked them out of their kingdoms, therfore they did not have to pay taxes.

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Re:, 07-28-04 9:27pm

1. if my spelling bothers you... don't read my journal.

2. A & F is what i like... deal with it.

3. Thanks for the history lesson, and i'm sorry if it offended you... kinda why i said "no offense to anyone" after i made the comment. but i like to call my dad jewish, so back off.


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