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clarencechica (profile) wrote,
on 7-28-2004 at 4:35pm
Current mood: irritated
i am sick and tired of working my ass off for nothing! i got stiffed on 3 god damn tables today! 3! not one or two, but 3! don't people know that waitresses only fucking make $3.30 an hour and that we fucking rely on their tips to pay our bills, to buy our food, to put gas in our cars?!?!?!? do they know that?! no! all they fucking care about is themselves! if i was rude, fine, tip me poorly, but when i kiss ass, and get shit on my lips from it, i get pissed! by the last table today, i had just about had it! my sales were 250.00 and my tips were 25.00, that is fucking 10%, and then on top of that, i have to tip out the bartender 2% of my sales! well, that fucking 2% hurts!


death to all poor tippers!
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