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mrhall (profile) wrote,
on 7-30-2004 at 12:56am
Music: Rush - The Trees
Subject: Rush Concert
Oh my, oh my! The Rush concert was so amazing!! It was the most notable event in history this year! I saw my favorite student Tyler Lego! We said hi, he was wearing his black rush shirt. I hope he enjoyed the concert as much as I did. I'm gonna tell all my future students about him because he likes the best band there is! I hope to see him again at another Rush concert one day.
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07-30-04 1:22am

You know, Mr Hall, it's been a little while since I've read your journal, and, while it appears I haven't missed much in your oh-so-exciting life, I just read the title of the page, and I get it now. The Archie and Margaret story. I remember when you told us that story in class. You thought you were so clever to trick us with the twist ending like that, but everyone already told me in my third period class. There. I said it. And thank you mr hall for wasting a year of my life for me to only get a 3 on the ap exam. And dont tell me I didn't do my readin because you sure as hell know no one does.

I feel better now.

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09-13-04 7:59pm


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