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lindseyethatsme (profile) wrote,
on 7-31-2004 at 1:45pm
how can i
what did you say?
can you repeat it
im falling
i dont even know it
you're leaving
i'm not sure that
i want you to go
what is this
can i make it?
i dont even know
what i want
it's obvious im different
when im with you
and someone else
when im with him
can you tell?
who am i to expect
you to love me
the way you do
oh i want to leave
but im going backwords
to get to the beginning
this is depressing
im such a mess
how could i ever
do this to you
if i told you the truth
would you still love me?
im guessing
that my guess is all wrong
this is so wrong
so many emotions
that i can't express
and that hurts the worst
how could i
what did you say?
can you please refrain
and not repeat it
if this is how it is
i'd rather just fall
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08-01-04 4:37am

your poetry is beautiful...

i write poetry too, check out my journal if you wanna sometime.. maybe leave a comment?

- manda

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