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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 7-31-2004 at 2:07pm
Current mood: indescribable
Music: ..c0nsequenCe -->> inCuBus..
Subject: . LiFE iS S00 G00D .
s0o i g0t 0ff yesterdayy. g0t my car back wit it's NEW paintj0b. gettin new tiresz 0n it t0dayy. it is s0o PiMP. miKe was sp0sedD t0 meet the rentsz last niight but he didnt nd my m0m let me see hiim newayy. s0o i spent my niight wit hiim. it was s0o g00d. he g0t a puppyy f0r me. it's a baby german shepherdD .. we thiink. we havent namedD it yet. but it's s0o0o0o cute. we went sh0ppiin f0r it last niight. it was g00dD. t0niight, me nd eRin are g0iin t0 the m0vies nd then stayiin at my h0use but my parentsz wana meet miKe t0niight s0o i have t0 get eRin later nd chyll wit miKe f0r a lil bit. uGh, it's c0nfusin. but last niight, miKe t0ldD that i'm the 0ne he wantsz t0 be wit nd then he saidD it . i l0ve y0u. nd i saidD it back nd i relle am s0o0o0o falliing f0r hiim. it was a g00dD niight. newh0, that's b0ut it. hung 0ut wit jENNY f0r a lil nd hadda g00dD tiime. miKe t0ldD me jENNY is a relle c00l pers0n nd it was c00l. i'm gladD he getsz al0ng wit her. iightyy, im 0utt. LATER.

<33 SiSi
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