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blackcandynecklace (profile) wrote,
on 8-1-2004 at 9:33pm
Current mood: bored
Music: shick shick hcik eikdik
Subject: no subject
things my mother says every week

"you never listen to me/ never do anythign i say/ never do anything for me"

my responce: "whatever"

"i'm gonna drink lots of water and eat vegtables for dinner and if i want meat, i'll boil it because i want to loose weight:

my responce: "ok"

"tell me when to cook because you say i never cook"

my responce: "ok"

"clean your room and help me aroudn the house"

my responce "i'm busy" "i clean my room when i have time"

"jenny what is your schedual this week"

my responce: i don't know, i awlays babvysit on monday and sat, and i work on tues otehrwise it changes

ok that is the extent of the conversation with my mother. now what about my father

he says:
"hi, how was your week"

jen says "fine"

"how are you feeling?"

jen says "fine"

do you have my money


ok bye see your next week"

"bye, have fun"

alright. so yes. now i will continue to fill the in 97.8% rest of my life on here later. heh
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