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saywhat? (profile) wrote,
on 8-3-2004 at 12:50am
Current mood: sleepy
Music: jazz radio station
I was just reading on one of Last Tuesdays website about how one of thier former guitarist and his wife are just going to pack thier stuff in a RV and travel around the country with the band...and i have to say..i am freinds always say that they see me doing something like that....just meet someone..get married rediciliously fast(i want a long engagement) and just pack up and go because they already have it planned that i will marry a musician..

and id have to say its not too far from what id all seriousness i dont see any of that in my future...i dont see a husband, children, i dont see anything normal or expected..when i was younger i always just used to assume that ment i wasnt intended to live long enough to do those things..and at the time i was ok with that. i went to church, i was(and still am) confident in my salvation....its just different now. If i am right..and im not going to live just makes me sad to think that i will never give my mom any grandchildren...
on another note i watched beyond borders a few days ago and it made me just want to go to some poverished country and just any for..and i know how rediciliously niave that sounds...its just typical of a 20 year old american that thinks they can go around and save the world...but hey i never said i wasnt niave about certian least its with good intentions...
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