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surferskater420 (profile) wrote,
on 8-3-2004 at 4:04pm
Current mood: happy that i have christie
Music: blink-182 and new found glory
C aring
H eartful
R ight
I ntellegent
S weet
T houghtful
I love her
E nergetic

i love christie and i am really happy with her. she is like no other girlfriend i have ever had.i love her and think she is the sweetest girl i ever met and the most buetiful girl on the planet.her smile is so great and her boobs are nice and her butt is nice and her thighs are nice.she looks like a super model.i love her so much. i feel like i can open up to her and tell her anything and she will listen and understand.i feel like i can really see myself with her for a really long time and i will make sacrafices to stay with her even if we are worlds apart.i wanna be with her forever and i think she is my one and only. i would like to thank god for blessing me with this angel. christie is so great.i love her.
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08-13-04 6:07pm

thats madd sweet.. well, at least the part bout i can tell her anything and that stuff.. the stuff bout her body i could have done without but ur a guy what else can i expect??? i've met every type of guy there is, they all need the ass too.. seriously though, if ya love her, dont focus on that so much.. if for one second she thinks ur in it for ass shes gone... just a bit of advice.. whether u wanna take it from someone random is up to you...

-kristen ((who still thinks that even though ur obsessed with ass what u said was madd sweet!))

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03-07-05 1:15pm

Kaya you are so gay and when i find out who you are
i am going to pound your little bitch ass out fagget.

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