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lifesuxsodanz (profile) wrote,
on 8-4-2004 at 6:40pm
Subject: Ummm yes mmmhmm
why do I let people make me delerious seriously? lol I'm sitting in my house acting quite strange and its very dark. lalala

Amy and Heather just called me to talk about old backstreet boys songs and remind me of how to spell my name and I was like ok cool

then the sun sentinal just call and I felt fucking awesome

I didnt answer though because strangers scare me.

Eagle ettes is a drain on my very sanity so I am embracing my severely depleted mental state.

Practice is going better anyway

doing utopia all weekend

someone should name a drug that

offcer meeting on monday

ahhh school

idk how do you spell jezzzikah?? is that it liz?


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08-04-04 9:39pm

jezikahhhh! :)


then maybeeee you won't be so exhausted.

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