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lifesuxsodanz (profile) wrote,
on 8-5-2004 at 5:49pm
Subject: plenty to say...nothing important
Yes well not much has happened lately life has been about eagle ettes and nothing else...sad but true. DiCillo has really left top 4 in charge this year and we have so much crap to get done. I don't know how I let myself become so absorbed.

So yeah I'm starting to feel a little better about the team I forget that they have the whole year to improve, and being in charge is no problem with me I thought it would be harder to get used to. I'm starting to get a little concerned about myself though, Lauren Britt Allison and I are always so busy standing out and watching to make corrections or screening routines or teaching that I havn't really been doing a lot of actual dancing. I'm never even warmed up in practice because we are always working on formations or dealing with some other crap during warmup. Dance class this year is going to be more of the same because gonzalez quit. DiCillo has more classes than she can handle. We are being combined with some of the lower levels and DiCillo has already informed us that we are likely to be teaching class more than we are participating in it. I don't have time to go to the studio and I'm starting to have to work at things that have always just kinda been there like my flexibility. I don't think anyone really notices but I do and it bothers me that I have no time to work on myself. *shrug* I know nobody really cares but its not like anyone reads these these days anyway.

Lauren and I spend so much time talking about Eagle Ettes its truely insane we're sometimes up until like 4am worrying about shit and making schedules. I think I'm just trying to channel all of my energy and thought into this one outlet because it isn't as hard to think about as other things. Like certain people and things I'm feeling that I can't even make any sense of but mostly school nd the AP bio homework that I refuse to finish for some reason and my mom's surgery. It's all still managing to haunt me in my dreams but denial is a good way to live for now.

Today Lauren and I went to get all the crap we need after practice. I was so mad when they wouldnt let us pick our lockers and got stuck with one that was second from the bottom which I like having the one thats all the perfect height and such. Lauren got her decal and then we went to the IBO so she could get her schedule changed. I saw my new mailbox which is just awesome idk why lol it makes me feel all special. It's right under danielles and above johns so I'll prbly be running into them a lot or I'll leave them strange messages...either way

I ran into Janyll while I was waiting...she's in 1st hour history with me along with Jimmy and someone else...I think Jeremy oh yeah and Amy if she doesnt get her schedule changed....right? idk I hate having Mr. Hall 1st hour but Jimmy and I have always had 1st hour together since...actually 6th grade now that I think of it so that makes me happy.

2nd hour I have dance with well mostly eagle ette people and 3rd hour I have psych with danielle adam and armando lol I can see danielle and adam making me very very sick already. I'll just talk to my bro is all else fails haha

oh yeah random thought does reynold randomly IM anyone else with half naked pictures of disturbs me a bit lol

umm lets see where was I... 4th hour spanish I see Liz pretam and anand and possibly carlos lol my god I hope carlos is there he's the only way I pass half of the time. lol Sanchez get ur mexican ass on my homework vamanos! haha JK no I finally talked to him the other day he decided that his new name is brown sugar I said thats fine as long as I can be white chocolate haha amusing.

ummm ummm 5th hour pre-cal Liz again ewww lol Jimmy anddd got I can't remember to save my life but I know there's someone else.

6th hour far all I know is logan and maybe vanessa u? idk I bet it's gunna be a lot of non ib people which might be a nice change actually lol.

7th hour english with christina and possibly ashley lol ashley is busy expecting me to entertain her all class and christina is expecting me to be all super english girl lol so I guess I won't be able to sleep like I planned. How did all you lucky bastards manage to get zacher again???

ok yes well I am so sorry if you actually took time out of your life to read this.


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08-05-04 7:21pm

wow, that makes me feel like we're actually semi-maybe-sorta important now.
was there anything good inside,... like free stuff? haha. wow. im a dork.

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08-05-04 9:29pm

you actually think you are going to talk during Davis's class?? Thats really funny...


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08-05-04 9:55pm

oh yeah random thought does reynold randomly IM anyone else with half naked pictures of disturbs me a bit lol

... yep.

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08-06-04 1:31am

no tenemos ningunas clases con juntos.
ms. landaker wouldn't let me have psych 3rd and move health to 7th.

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08-06-04 10:31am

we have bio together

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08-06-04 3:18pm

i have bio with u =)


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08-06-04 9:44pm

i'm in your psych too, god how could you forget?!

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Re:, 08-07-04 1:14am

well bah I have so many fricken classes with you it's like all liz all the time lol I hope you plan on not smelling so bad this yr : P

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