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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 8-6-2004 at 12:52am
Current mood: crazy
Music: screwed // paris hilton
Subject: home sweet home!
after driving straight from Illinois to Florida, i am finally at home. in time for practice 2morrow, then shopping, then saturday having orientation and going to kaila's party! before school starts, i have to hang out with Alex, Jonah, Britt C, Brittany, Dominic, Jackie, Danielle G, Brett, Travis & Joey. I c Danielle B on Saturday!!!! YAY! plus Pretam, Anand, carlos, Kailannie, Sam, everyone! <333
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08-06-04 10:30am

r u gonna have any time 4 me? :D

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08-06-04 5:08pm

welcome home miss hilton!

call meeeee. we have to make plans for manana.

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08-07-04 1:16pm

see ya tonight chiquita! xoxo.

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