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FreakishIYK (profile) wrote,
on 8-6-2004 at 1:33am
Current mood: scared
Subject: Please don't let it happen...
Something happened yesterday, that might of been a mistake, and now...something else might happen. I'm just so afraid...please God, don't let it happen, please. I haven't told him anything about it yet, I haven't told anyone. Mike was just over, he left about 5 mins. ago...he fell asleep and I couldn't tell him, I could have too...but I chickened out.

Please, please don't let it happen...I'm only 17.
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The shit wont happen, 08-09-04 12:45am

i keep saying the shit wont happen why wont you listen to me when i get back im giving you the beating i always do... for those who are like oh my god he would hit her fuck off its playful and we have fun...


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