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daleearnhardtjrishot (profile) wrote,
on 8-8-2004 at 11:28am
well last night had to have been the best entertainment i've had in a long time. kim and i went and hung out with Kory and Benny. Watch out for the armadilos and trolls! kim and i left my grandma's early cuz we were bored we came home and went in chat rooms like normal and then kory came online and we talked. and he talked us into meeting them at the gas station...benny drove so of course i was jelous of his yellow chevy s10 zr2....benny is hot...then we followed them to benny's and then we went to the dunes behind his house and had a bonfire...i got to use my 4wheel was saweet....we had a great time...then we decided to go into grant 4 of us in a 3 passenger truck...i was squised in the back with kory behind benny who has to have a lot of room cuz he wants to...then kim and i had to freaking pee so bad...but yea i had fun i wish we could do that every night...i wish i didn't have to leave them..but i will be able to go to school and become a better person and then come home to them in 4yr 22wks...well thats all for now...ttyl
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