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sammibaby (profile) wrote,
on 8-9-2004 at 8:37pm
Current mood: tired
Music: sunshine
Subject: summer. and i'm already working hard.
yesterday ----> i worked on biology almost the whole day. i dunno how i made it. well, i did take a break and watched Runaway Jury. good movie. but it was right back to work for me. talked to some people- but mainly it was about the assignment. yeah- i know, what dorks. heh.

today ----> went to breakfast. then tried reading, but i think next time i should do it without the tv staring me in the face. only got to chapter 4. but i'm not stessing it that much. i did some more bio homework. i just have those last 6 questions. i might get together with kaila tomorrow to work on it. if not i'll just do it tomorrow by myself. oh, and f.y.i. we finally got a new air conditioning unit. so it wont be breaking anymore. yay for that.

this was my little break. i'm off yet again. ttyl. xoxo.
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