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playmate101 (profile) wrote,
on 8-9-2004 at 11:24pm
Current mood: groggy
i went to nikki's last night! <3
it was supposed to be a cheerleading get 2gether... however that's not how it ended up. me, chelsea, nikki & angie were the only ones from the team. then i met Sam Conn who went to WMS, and met megan kristen & katilyn. nikki's house was COMPLETELY empty cause she hadda move out the next day... well... we decided to throw a party with her dad's permission... of course he didn't care. there hadda be 200 kids there according to her dad. omg it was awesome. chelsea n i walking down the street & chelsea throwing a backhand spring while drunk lmao. then being out back n having a cart wheel contest... all three of us = chelsea, me, & lil bella all falling on our asses lol. omg we had so much fun... but then chelsea passing out on the bed & people started making out on the bed... not knowing she was already sleeping in it lmao. sucked that everyone got kicked out kinda early like around 12:30 ish cause the neighbors were threatening to call the cops. and then... Rodrigo being drunk and keith, me, and angie being hungry lol. i hadda blast. i felt bad for angie cause she didn't look like she was having fun. SET! lmao chelsea. dancing with nikki n sam was fun too. but the argument btwn katilyn and nikki was outrageous. but we went to bed around 4am and nikki's dad woke us up around 7am. damn it. we cleaned up and got donuts and then sam's bro picked up me, sam, chelsea, and kristen. i can't believe kristen doesn't remember falling off the bed when nikki pushed her off lmao. but we just hung out and ate food at sam's. then johvan and derek came over. hung out... showered... my mom picked me up around 3:30pm. chelsea, kristen, and sam were gonna go get trashed at the drive thru, and invited me... but i was supposed to go shopping at the mall... but my mother was too tired. damn it. but whatever. that ended my summer just the way i wanted it, although i feel bad considering what jonah probably thinks of me. idk why it matters, but he's always kept me outta trouble. until now... but we're even. he got messed up, so did i. ha. anyways... time for bed... night night. soooo tired. xoxo
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