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clarencechica (profile) wrote,
on 8-10-2004 at 11:53pm
ok, my schedule for this week...

Monday: work applebees 10am-4pm, and the work starbucks 5pm-1030pm

Tuesday: work leggios 11am-1030pm

Wednesday: work applebees 11am-4pm and then (oh my gawd, i have a night free!!!)

Thursday: work leggios 11am-10pm

Friday: work applebees 11am-4pm and work starbucks 5pm-10pm

Saturday: work at HOME cleaning the fucking house "TOP TO BOTTOM" as per mikes orders, and then go to applebees from 430pm-1030pm

Sunday: work applebees 10am-7pm ish, not sure...

OH, and i forgot, SOMEWHERE in there i am gonna have to find some time to mow the lawn too... nice huh?

well, mike is going to be out of town from thursday night until late sunday night and i really don't think he understands that there just aren't enough goddamned hours in the fucking day to do everything he wants me to and still do it to his satisfaction and expectations!!!


now, he is going to be off and playing with his dad at the races in watkins glen for 3 whole fucking days and this whole week, i have barely enough time to fucking squeeze in 5 hours of sleep a night!!!

when he went to bed, and i came in here, he said, "what are you doing?" i said that i was on the computer and checking my email, and do you know what he said? he said "you could start the cleaning now" and i responded with an "i would love to but i am REALLY not in the cleaning mood right now after being on my feet waitressing for 11 and a 1/2 hours, but thanks anyways, i will keep it in mind"


he makes me so fucking mad. does he not realize that i am working THREE fucking jobs this week? does he not realize that i BUST MY ASS? does he not fucking give a shit?!?!?!?!

ok, i am done, i need to try to calm down, and get SOME sleep because i need to get up at 5am to fucking get his ass out of bed... now i know why i don't want kids... 'cause i know what it is like with him... it is like trying to get him up for school... why can't he hear the alarm for once? why can't he get up to turn it off for once?

i will never know the answer...
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