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QueenWog (profile) wrote,
on 8-11-2004 at 3:54pm
Current mood: pensive
Music: piano jazz CD
Subject: to continue or not to continue...
Hey guys! I am thinking about discontinuing this weblog except for replying and maybe the occasional entry. I am not very good about updating nor are my updates very entertaining. Plus, I don't want to deal with all the journal drama and having unwanted people reading it. Sorry guys!

Live well. Laugh often. Love much.
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no!, 08-11-04 5:22pm

don't stop! my friends list will become VERY boring! your entries aren't boring!

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Re: no!, 08-12-04 7:17pm

it won't make me cry if you stopo, BUT THAT IS A REALLY COOL QUOTE AT THE END!
Who said it? other than you, of course.
YAY for our shopping spree-oh!

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Re: Re: no!, 08-14-04 6:10pm

i dunno mel, i haven't totally made up my mind. maybe i'll just update occasionally. idk. yeah, but i do think my entries ARE pretty boring. i dunno if I would want to read them. ha. and louise, dont be TOO sad that i wud stop. haha. idk who said the quote, i've just heard it before and it is a very me-quote! yay shopping!

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