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FreakishIYK (profile) wrote,
on 8-11-2004 at 4:35pm
Current mood: exhausted
Music: none...have headache
Subject: 1st day back to school
Today was the first day back to school...a black, black day. And today is my puppy's birthday (Rollie), he's now 3 years old.

Anyway, back to school. it sucked. When I first got my schedule I only had 6 classes, so I'm figuring that I have no 7th hour, and I can leave early. Nope, turns out I don't have a 4th hour. So I went to the wrong class, which wasn't a big deal but I forgot to see what my lunch was since I turned out to have a different class. So I basically skipped my 5th hour...not on purpose, but oh well. I just went to all three lunches. I have C lunch, and it turns out that's the one I don't want. The only person I knew in there was AJ...and I don't wanna tag along with him if that's his lunch too (he went to all 3 too). Ya know what?....the way I'm typing this out might be very confusing...sorry.

But other than all that my classes aren't bad. I have 3 art classes which is good.

Oh and after school my bus never showed up. So me and this other kid (Danny) are about to walk home, but then my dad called and came and got us. Good, I didn't feel like walking that far.

But I think that's about it...I got my senior pictures back today...I don't really care for them...oh well. I'll try and add more later if I can, if not I'll try to update tomorrow. Until then, bye.
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Kills, 08-11-04 6:48pm

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Re: Kills, 08-11-04 6:49pm

damn it sent before i typed..

-=Kills danny=-

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