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daleearnhardtjrishot (profile) wrote,
on 8-12-2004 at 9:47am
i had another great night with my boys and megs last night. i really really like kory. but i wish he would just come out and tell me his seceret. rob and megan already told me and its not bad but it would be nice of him to tell me ecspecially if he really likes me too. but last night i went over to rob's they played a couple games of pool and then we went to meijer to meet megz then we went to star and stole signs then we went to papa johns they were closed then we went to meijer actually in the store this time then we went to i hop and then to our gas station and then back to rob's were they played more pool until rob decided to go make a phone call and then kory and i had a great make out session and we talked a bit. then we decided it was bed time so i went home. i miss them already.
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