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sameen (profile) wrote,
on 8-13-2004 at 8:25pm
Current mood: full
Music: salt shaker
just had dinner- i'm stuffed, that's for sure.

well week no. 1 is over. not that it was such an event-making week, but yeah. i'm glad it's the weekend tho. i was excited 2 c everyone, but i didn't even get 2 c that many ppl. this year, ppl who i have classes wit- they're in a lot of my classes, as opposed 2 last year when it was more spread out and i saw more ppl. i guess in a way it's good cuz i'll get close wit those ppl, but i was close wit those ppl neway. the classes all seem like they're gonna be hard. maybe not necessarily HARD, but if u want an a, then u're gonna have 2 work for them. not like alg 2 last year, when u get pay attention 4 the review she did right b4 the test [which, in mind, was exactly LIKE the test] and get by. or morone helpin us out in english. shit, and we'll actually have an accomplished social studies teacher. i always take a long time adjusting. strangely, i always do better second semester. so in a nutshell:

strategies 4 college success:
wudn't know cuz i haven't had the class yet, but shiit, 6 classes r enough- thank u. best part is gettin up late, stretchin my arm, and bein like hahaha i SHUD be in school now.. but i'm NOT!

the lady seems nice, but as everyone has said, boring. but she seems like she knows what she's doing and she'll get us to ap, which is what matters i guess. i dunno, i've always liked english. and sometimes it comes naturally 2 me, but sometimes i get TOO laid back, and that's when i get screwed. but i mean, why is it SO important neway. i don't get it. i mean, i get y math is, but i mean.. unless if u wanna be a journalist or something, i dunno y there's such an obsession wit it. science seems much more imp. sorry goin on a tangent. but i like the class cuz there's liz, rachel, lawrence, sunil, and anand in it. it's one of the classes where it's definitely mixed wit the nerdy ppl and the.. not ? i duno.. i'll let u decide which category i fall under.

us history:
yeah he's already called me the "mistake by the lake" lol and the whole class laughed at me : / it's my parents fault we lived in cleveland.. ok... newayy it's already managed 2 bore me and i alreayd feel overwhelmed. i'll take the blame 4 it, it was probably my fault, cuz i didn't follow through wit the readin assignment, so i was kinda lost in class 1/2 the time, but still- how does he expect us 2 get all that reading done?!?! even peter fell asleep and that says something...

i'm glad 2 back wit ms swanson [yes i still feel partially guilty 4 giving up ap chem- just 4 that strategies 4 college success class, which bein in ib is practically preparin u 4 college, but still..yeah... but i'm kinda glad i did, cuz i dunno if i wud be able 2 handle it wit ap bio. i duno if i shuda just sticked wit ap chem and social anth. o well, guess we'll never know... but the environment was already laid back and relaxed [besides that test..] and since it's not ap, i can tell we're gonna have time 2 just do nonsense and crap. good times. small class tho. ms swanson is really nice tho...

see, i like mrs halcomb herself. she's a very nice, lively lady. u don't ever feel really bored in her class or nething. it's just the gradin itself is hard/strict. but i mean, it's gonna be like the ap. so yeah. i like her tho. and everyone is in that class, so it shudn't be like last year. and it's mostly ppl from our grade, actually, which is also nice.

well not much 2 say since he's not there. but i really hope he has changed his teaching style. i HATE bein the ones to be experimented on, especially on this class. last year, gov.. whatever, don't care about that class, but i mean, bio actually counts.. we'll see, had fun in there, yeah- not much work accomplished tho. i mean, mr morone, himself, is a great guy, but anyone who had bio wit him freshman year can explain what im tryin 2 say..

pre cal:
i feel dumb already. how is that possibly, i already feel lost in math. and it's not even ap calculus or nething. i just need 2 review and look at the book and not expect everything 2 come 2 me naturally. i mean, i guess that's y we're IN school. but i mean, i think i can get an a in there. mr power is nice. like the bloke [i wish i had a british accent]

so that was this week, in a nutshell. what can i say. not much else i guess. i hope this weekend is accomplished, but fun.
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08-13-04 9:20pm

don't worry, i was lost during the first two chapters in pre-calc, but then it got easier, and it was smooth sailing from there on for the most part. it's always the adjustment period.

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08-13-04 10:17pm

i do the same thing in the morning. i look at the clock and go, "first period should be starting any moment, where am i? in bed..."

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08-13-04 10:18pm

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