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werealljaded (profile) wrote,
on 8-14-2004 at 3:10pm
Current mood: chipper
Music: as i lay dying
it's a pretty good day. i slept in a little bit, drove 45 minutes to spend 30 minutes with matt on his lunch break just to turn around and drive another 45 minutes home. i do it at least once a week, but it is worth it. i love that bitch. now i am hanging out at my house until 4ish when i am going to the dolphin game. although they don't have many good players and are probably going to loose. oh well, it's the first sold out pre-season game in 17 years....70, 000 people watching a bunch of third string players, people are dumb... go home and BBQ, it's cheaper. i got free tickets so i'm taking the little brother.
my parents are going out of town next saturday for a week... PARTAYYY. i can't wait.

i went to a strip club for the first time on wednesday night. platinum showgirls.. yum, i went with matt and jon and joe and kerry. it was cool, me and 4 guys hitting the strip club. i thought it was cool that i could go with my boyfriend to a place liek that. i didn't freak or get jealosu or anything. he can't touch the girls and the whole thing just made him wnat ME more because his hormones were runing wild. lol. i got a lap dance from Natalia....all the guys thought she was the hottest. to be honest, i didn't want matt getting a dance from her, too hot. but he got alexis, she was a hottie too. we both have the same taste in chicks. not that i am a lesbian or anything, i mean OBVIOUSLY i like boys, i would just much rather see a girl dancing around naked then a guy. girls just have such nicer bodies then men. it was awesome, but kinda a waste of money, 20 bucks for a 3 minute dance, man they have the best job in the world. hehe. umm minus the getting naked and trying to act hot in front of a bunch of old dirty drunk men. i could never do that, matt's the only guy that's ever even see me totally naked, i couldn't imagine showing a hundred guys a night. eek, not my thing.
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08-18-04 9:05pm

I miss you!

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08-20-04 3:41pm

hey its heather, im in tallahassee now sorry i didnt get to see u before i left, things were kinda crazy..i just wanted to tell u that i miss u and stuff, if u ever feel like a roadtrip u can come visit me, i have a great apartment and theres always stuff to do here, and u can bring matt too..well call me u girl!

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