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clarencechica (profile) wrote,
on 8-15-2004 at 9:17pm
Current mood: weird
well, today was my last day at applebees, and my last day working THREE jobs... so now i need to call starbux to get my schedule for next week... and alas, i will have but ONE job again, (thank christ!!)
mike is still gone, he should be coming back tonight, but honestly, it doesn't seem like he was gone long enough, is that bad to say? no, i don't think so, because i NEVER get to spend time with mary dell, and with me working so much this weekend, i STILL didn't spend any time with her, and now that my jobs are done, and i would have a spare minute, the warden, i mean, mike is coming home, and if i don't have to work tomorrow, i KNOW we will be working outside all day because he has off from work, and NOOOO, he wouldn't want to REST for a day and just hang out with me... of course not! hanging out with me IS working outside... him telling me what to do and all that bullshit!
*sigh* ya know?... i do love him, but he really needs to lighten up and just fucking chill for once!!!
so leaving applebees was kewl because the people that i am going to ,iss, i specifically said goodbye to and the ones that i will be happy to be away from, i specifically DIDN"T say anything to them but i sure as hell made sure they heard me saying goodbye to the others! the cooks i am going to miss, they were all pretty cool, like they all had a really good attitude, at least towards me, but that is because i wasnta bitch to them like most of the servers are. and i will miss them.
ok, i am going to go now, because i feel like if mike comes home now and i am on the computer that he will be like, "why isn't this done?" or "how come you are relaxing, don't you know that the grout in between all the tiles needs to be polished and scrubbed?" or somethin' like that... so bye, have a good night, i know i probably won't =(
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