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surferskater420 (profile) wrote,
on 8-16-2004 at 4:02pm
Current mood: happy
Music: blink-182,new found glory,switchfoot,and yellowcard
the blink-182 concert was sooo great. they are the best. they were even better in concert. i saw alison (safirs girlfriend) and i said hi. she died her hair green for the concert.i wished that christie was there and i wanted safir to be there too.i was front row for the concert and to the left side of the satge and mark(bass) was like 8 feet away and it was soooo cool. mark sings really good(better than cd) and tom sing Pretty good(woste than cd). travis is a great drummer. i got a new wallet with a weed leaf carved in the front. it was the best trip to oahu.
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