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lindseyethatsme (profile) wrote,
on 8-16-2004 at 6:01pm
i was sitting in the tiny room that i always do for my piano lesson today and a boy walked by the room a few times. the last time i saw him walk by he had a guitar in his hands and he looked straight at me. my mind was on the lesson of course so i didnt have time to wonder what he was doing there. he sat down on the floor, stared at me, and started strumming his guitar.

he tuned it.
played a few notes.
and then silence.

i couldnt focus on my piano lesson
my teacher was getting frustrated.
and then-

that boy sat right in front of my door
staring at me
adn started playing time of your life.

whoever thinks life isn't beautiful
has so much to learn.
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more from me :), 08-16-04 8:32pm

yep. definitely beautiful... (weird maybe) def. my favorite song of all time.. and definitely in our words... 'beautiful'

I love you

Erica Clare

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