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clarencechica (profile) wrote,
on 8-17-2004 at 2:47pm
Current mood: contemplative
Subject: pros and cons
well, i have started starbux... and i am working days... like i asked, BUT... now, am i happy i am working all days or would it have been better if i was working MAYBE a night or two?i don't know because like yesterday (and a lot of days), when i am with mike he just gets all pissy and mad at me for stupid shit...
now, i used to think that we were fighting more because we weren't seeing enough of each other, like me always working nites, etc... but i don't know... i guess i am just going to have to find out right?
well, he is going to be home soon, so i better get off the computer so he doesn't think i have been on it all afternoon, even though i haven't been, i can picture him coming home and being all like "wtf? how come this isn't done? and that isn't cleaned?" blah blah blah, etc...
damn, i feel like a fuckin' little kid that is trying to sneak in a cigarette when my parents aren't looking!!
oh yeah, and we went to the SPCA yesterday and now I WANT A DOG EVEN WORSE THEN BEFORE!!! we went to get approved for when we go in the late winter/ early spring to get one, (or two, but i doubt that will fly well with mikey and mary dell!)
ok, bye again!
oh, yeah, (i know, i know, just one more thing!)... how sad is it that yesterday was august 16 and it was the FIRST time i went swimming this year?!?!?!?pretty sad huh? well, today it is a really warm day and HOPEFULLY, (cross my fingers and toes...) if mikey doesn't have any chores for me/us to do, then maybe we can go swimming today too... but... somehow i doubt that that is gonna happen... damn it, i fuckin' hate this shit, i feel like i am fucking grounded from having any fun!!!
ggggrrrrr.... ok, bye, (i swear this time!)
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