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surferskater420 (profile) wrote,
on 8-17-2004 at 10:15pm
Current mood: happy
Music: blink-182,new found glory,switchfoot,and yellowcard

Dear christie,
i wanted to call you but my mom wouldn't let me.
i wanted to say that i love you because it is our one month anniversary.
we started going out on July 17 th.
that was the day i became the happiest guy on earth.
i love you so much.
i am so lucky that a beautiful,smart,sexy,kind,compassionate girl like you would go out with me. i am so glad that you decided to go out with me. i love you more deeply than any girlfriend i ever had. i want to be with you forever.i would do anything to be with you. the way i feel when we kiss is so great.the way i feel when you say you love me is so incredible,i never want that feeling to go away.i tingle all over whenever i hear your voice.i want to give you my love are the perfect girl in the world. you are not a copy,you have a wonderful personality and you are everything to me.please stay with me forever. i want to see you happy and it is an honor to be your boyfriend.i can't wait until the next time i see 122 days. when i see you i will sweep you in to my arms and hold you in my arms.i will protect you.i want to passionately kiss you and hug you forever. you are always with me no matter what.i will always be with you and i will always love you.

all my love,
Kaya Ryan
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