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lifesuxsodanz (profile) wrote,
on 8-20-2004 at 4:40pm
Subject: yay friday
oh man ashley...fucking rocks lol that girl made me the best half birthday present ever. haha she didn't have anything to make a cake so she took rice krispy treats and and candy and footlong fruit rollups and made them look like sushi. who does that? i don't know but it was still awesome. lol lemmie alone that was seriously the high point of my day.

thank god im only taking dance for one semester i can't stand the mixed classes. grr

i fucked up that spanish verb tense quiz and i got a 70 on the bio quiz but i feel better about those now because i know what to expect and i don't think they are worth a lot anyway.

not much else has been going on i want to take the car and get out of the house for a bit this weekend even if i just go somewhere by myself i just need some space. space outside of the confines of my house and school. maybe i will go to the mall and see chub if shes working or get liz a bday present idk. someone should meet me there and we'll hang out. or maybe ill make jimmy finally show me his damn pictures from europe i just remembered he hasnt. bah

my social life....i give up...seriously i've got plenty of friends to talk to and enough close friends who id trust with my life if need be. if there's some guy out there who is right for me and can actually put up with me and care about me like no one has been able to thus far...then he will find me. ive tried for too long to force what wasnt meant to be with all the wrong guys so im giving up on my better judgement and letting life take me where it interested to see how all that turns out.

oh yeah unrelated topic...talked to Dom last night out of nowhere that kid just pops up at weird fucking times in my life.

i'm so over the bus seriously...just give me my damn car. I rode it for like the 1st time this year and the freshman just grrr they are probably sophmores but w/e they are all freshman to me. there's a couple juniors to keep me sane but still. lol tony tried to be funny and jack Dane Cook's shit today but he got shut down lol i know that cd by heart.

yes well im gunna go be lazy and enjoy the weekend.

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08-21-04 1:09am

chub, i'll take you home whenever you need it. just let me know. i don't want you riding buses. you are more of a backseater.

we need to schedule a bowling date with lots of people to boost your social life.

or vodka?


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