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boricuababy (profile) wrote,
on 8-22-2004 at 6:05pm
Current mood: crackin up
Music: Holla Back-Fabolous
Subject: "do u kno the muffin man??"
the muffin man?? THE MUFFIN MANNN!! haha..lmao..funny stuff..that was friday's inside joke along with's partayy was so much funn..i hadda good time..lotz of dancingg..we did a weird version of the cha cha slide like it..but the electric slide..i definately rocked started off wid some rap n hip hop then it went into spanish music then sam carlos n amara jumping around..haha..that was greatt..then they played some techno was a koo party..i left around 11 aunt got it was fun..the weekend was pretty good..x0x0
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