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surferskater420 (profile) wrote,
on 8-22-2004 at 6:48pm
Dear, Kaya
Hi, honey. I just finished reading your journal. It was so sweet of you. To write nice things about me. I wish I could write all the wonderfull things about you. But woohu won't let me get a journal. Well, maybe they would let me get one. If I wasn't so supid with computers. I loved the anniversery letter you sent me. It made me cry it was so sweet. I'm so sorry that I couldn't send you one.On our anniversery!!! But i guess writing you one now is better than not writing you anything......

Kaya, i'm so happy that were still together. I know this has been hard for both of us because. We don't see each other as much as we should. But maybe all this waiting will pay -off in our life. IT BETTER PAY-OFF SOON!!! I'm so happy that a wonderfull person like you came in my life. Without you I don't think I could live life.I just want you to know. You are the only person. I need to live my life . And that I even ever want to lose you. I hope we will be enjoying more wonderfull things in our life. I wish you a Happy Anniversery. And to many more. I love you more. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox.
Love always, Christie Lillian Contreras
P.S I told my mom it's our anniversery. She said,'' The next anniversery you have. your name better be Christie Lillian Ryan.''
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