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echoingremorse (profile) wrote,
on 8-25-2004 at 11:33pm
today was pretty good.. i jsut sat and read my HTML/ XHTML/ XML book.. im almost done that by the way.. im debating on getting to javascript one or flash mx one next.. but anyways.. yeah i read all day, becuase work was really slow.. it was jsut me and cara all day.. it was funny though becuase last night i guess hse got bit in the eye by a spider or somethign becuase her eye was a puffed up today.. lol.. i was like "arrr-guh!! hey i can be a pirate too!". its funny getting her pissed off.. lol.. anyways.. soo today was an ok day of work since i brought a book.. i should bring a book mroe often..

i guess MV started school today.. thats cool.. my brothers first day of highschool.. wonder how close he got to getting the shit kicked out of him.. lol.. nah.. im sure he can take care of himself.. anyways..

oh yeah.. and wheres lauren anyways.. hmmm.. :(..
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08-26-04 1:50pm

I can't IM you any more because, I'm not able to be on here. You only get on at night, and my parents are home at night, so that won't really work.. I'm sowwy.

Yeah, so groundedness is not fun... I'll see if I can get the internet back in October... but that's like.... in a really long time. Mum said she's going to actually take the comupter out. Yeah, so in that case, I'll ask if I can use Lizzie's. K's? I'm oh so sorry.

I miss you!!

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