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danibean (profile) wrote,
on 8-26-2004 at 12:59am
Current mood: confused
okay, bad....i miss you and it's been what, 3 days!! and now you tell me that you'll be in the area, but you only want to stop over for an hour. which i'm so pissed because i could drive and see you all damn day. my mom is letting me drive!!!!! this is not an opportunity you turn down boyfriend!! ugh....just get your shit together! in good news....i love you and you were super sweet tonight. at least we both know what a cut lip feels like...ouchies. haha...night :)
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08-26-04 11:19am

hahaha dork!!! i love you!!!

dont let him be an asswipe to you or i'll come cut his lip, and not in the same way you did! i'm a loser.

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