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lindseyethatsme (profile) wrote,
on 8-28-2004 at 1:33pm
Subject: hey dad
so 2nd week of school

not that bad.
of course not god either.
c'mon- it's school.

first football game last night
i had the best time ever.
SO fun.
screamed my head off at the team
jumped around in the stands
we played so much music
and the low brass section is just

but why am i talking about band?

chelsea came over today
LOVE that girl.

flaming amy's tonight with some of the
coolest people i know
then back to my house to chill
great times

wednesday night- so awesome
hope it happens again
casey so should've been there

so im thinking daniel taylor is a
realllly cool person
i like that last name.

okay and this journal has been drawn out about a lot of nothing. so im officially going now.

so quiet
another wasted night
again i go unnoticed
another wasted breath
steals the conversation
please tell me you're just feeling tired
cause if its mor ethan that
i feel taht i might break
out of touch
are we out of time?

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yaaay SPIRIT CLUB, 08-28-04 2:45pm

so yeha good thing it took you two hours to make this entry where all you really needed to put was one sentance. (a.k.a chelsea is the best, okay bye.)
and uhm...

not that bad.
of course not god either.
^ good to know that school isnt god, lindsey. can we say typo?


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08-28-04 8:41pm

hmm, you seem to like this daniel guy.

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