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daleearnhardtjrishot (profile) wrote,
on 8-29-2004 at 11:09pm
so yea this weekend was fuckin great! ben and i went up to hawkins on saturday and played on the 4 wheeler with the kids and had dinner with everyone and watched a movie. then sunday was the mud runs. ben and i made a quick trip home to get his video camera. it was worth the trip. went to the mud runs and had a blast. frank you're still number one to us if that counts for anything. we went and had dinner and ben wasn't feeling well so we played for an hour more on the 4 wheeler and headed home. we didn't talk much on the way home we mainly called other people and sat there and stared into space. i was to sad to be laughing. i had to say goodbye to part of my family and a few friends today and it was hard. i know that ben knows how i feel though and did his best to make me happy. and just so everyone knows i didn't sleep with him like everyone thought i would. being friends with him is all i need right now. i'm gonna miss him so much. stacy to bad u had that gay meeting cuz u would have had fun too. it was great i can't even tell u how much this weekend meant to me. well i'm off to bed i'm beat.
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