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SepiaFlamingo (profile) wrote,
on 8-30-2004 at 8:44am
Current mood: lighthearted
Music: "Aces High" - Iron Maiden
Subject: My basement walls smell like wet cat litter.
Tomorrow is the first day back to school. There isn't any unsettled nerves this year, which I found surprising. I know a lot of people in my classes and I have Mrs. Anderson for Fine Arts again. So, hurrah.

There is unrest in the forest. There is trouble with the trees. For the maples want more sunlight and the oaks ignore their pleas...

I've been listening to a lot of Rush lately. Not now, obviously. But recently I've been wearing out "The Spirit of Radio." Geddy Lee's voice is an instrument of it's own.

My dad got another job. Impressive, isn't it?... Three different jobs in the past month and a half. What an overachiever, I tell you.

Sarcasm can only go so far before it tips the glass over and hits the thirsty floor.
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