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spinoangel (profile) wrote,
on 8-31-2004 at 10:36pm
Current mood: drained
Music: cary brothers - "blue eyes"
i cry get upset for absolutely the weirdest things.

or for nothing at all!
mothereffing heart isnt functioning right.
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09-13-04 1:17pm

Life is what, if anything, you make it.

"To Love, I must plunge as deep as you soar high, which only costs me my mind.."

You have to see the reality of your situation. You're not like everyone else, nor do you feel like they do. That is something in which you should be proud of. You think you're so miserable, but if you really wanted to end it.. you would. Don't wish you could feel better, don't wish you could have it all. Your burden is something that is building you as a person. I share a burden quite different, yet somewhat similar to yours. I know.

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