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spoiled-kisses (profile) wrote,
on 9-1-2004 at 7:15pm
Current mood: sick
Music: ..meaNt t0 live -->> SwitChf00t..
Subject: . HURRiCANE iS C0MiNG .
s0o we're gettiin hiit by a hurricane this weekend. all s0uth fl0rida sch00lsz are cl0sedD t0m0rr0w nd fRidayy .. 5 dayy weekendD! but i'm siick asz fuck n0w. it suxx. me nd miKe are d0iin great. he b0ught me fl0wersz last weekendD. l0l, madD ad0rable. i g0t t0 see hiim last niight .. went 0ver there after w0rk. s0o siince i'm 0ff my REG .. we did it. l0l, it was g00dD. went h0me nd w0ke upp relle siick. it suxx .. i have the flu. s0o t0m0rr0w i'm helpiin my rentsz b0ardD upp the h0use f0r the hurricane .. which isz guna ruiin my weekendD. but newh0, that's b0ut all that's g0iin 0n. sch00l's gettiing hardD. i 0rderedD my class riing yesterdayy. nd i b0ught the cutest purse. well, i'm tiredD s0o i thiink imma g0 t0 sleep. xoxo. LATER. ii l0ve miKe <33

<33 SiSi
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09-06-04 12:19am

Hi i was just wandering if you could help do u change the color of your text in your profiule like how u have red n black..and im not posting anonymous to be a biatch..i just dont have a woohu anymore..youre in south florida? me too..Miami..So could you please email me help at thanx!

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Re:, 09-13-04 10:09am

y0u put thisz c0de :: <-span style=background:color-> . take 0ut the -. f0r the f0nt c0l0r, i dunn0 h0w t0 change it. it was default asz black 0n my user inf0. <33

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