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danibean (profile) wrote,
on 9-1-2004 at 11:50pm
Current mood: sleepy

oh geez..since everyone else is doing it!!
here's my schedule kiddo's....

ja economics-busen
british literature-millard
spanish 3-crowley-worwick..whatever
creative writing-eilola (dropping 1st day for psyc. with mr. h)
independant study-robuck

woot...easy senior year :) :) :)

but...that's what you get if you take all the crappy stuff in the first 3 years! so take crappy required classes guys...get them out of the way so you can have fun your senior year!! woo!!!!!!

we took some senior pics yesterday at rockford dam and today at grand haven by the beach. oh i hope they turn out good. and fredrick meijer gardens sometime later this week. but wow....getting your picture taken is fun. i felt like a model!! haha...and people were looking at me...probably thinking i was a model...jk...but i thought that! hahaha...anyways, it was a goodtime had by all.

still not sure on evan's for sat - mon...he's a busy kid...and i hate that he has school this week. that's so dumb. kearsley...oh well.

night night :)
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hey hey hey, 09-02-04 9:38pm

Dani, dani...the hyperactive little freshman that you were is now a senior. wow...congrats! i'll have to stop by sometime soon...ttyl darlin'

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Re: hey hey hey, 09-02-04 11:28pm

sean!!! how i've missed you so! i can remember when you made me cry my freshman year at band camp. and my mom treatened to kick you ass. haha...then i was your freshman. wow, how the time goes by. i hope you're doing okay. i'd love to see you so stop by when you get the chance...just call!! :)

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