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echoingremorse (profile) wrote,
on 9-4-2004 at 8:36pm

i was really excited today but it quickly and unexpectedly turned into me being fuckin pissed.. like.. i had to go to work, but i really wanted to jam with my marshall.. and my boss told me to go on a 3 hour break.. so i was like "sweet i can go pick up my marshall at levis and jam".. i wasnt expecting levi to be home soo i wrote him a note and went over.. i got up into his room and saw the marshall... it looks really dirty and gross.. and its really beat up compared to when they borrowed it.. and then i noticed one of the speaker cables in the back was unplugged... im like "shit.... why are they only using one of its speakers.... what happened..".. and i turned it on and plugged a guitar in it.. and sound only comes out of one pf the speakers now... the speaker jack for the one that was unplugged is broken now.. no one even told me... and soo im like.. "fuck..... i cant take it now.... ill have to keep it here until we discuss whos paying to ge tit fixed".. im certainly not paying to fix it.... i meen.. im not letting people borrow my stuff anymore.. seriously..(or atleast just that group of people).. liek do they even respect my stuff at all.. they were obviously beating on the poor thing (which is $500 by the way)..

i took my monster cable and left the marshall there... sooo no one can be liek "oh.. it was fine when we had it..".. and the monster cable is a $50 gold plated guitar cable.. and they definetly borrowed it.. soo if anyone is like "we never borrowed your cable".. ill shoot someone, clear in the i only know one other person who has a pair of monster cables.. and that would be joey.. and his are bass cables.. like.. ive been missing that cable for months and i remember them saying back then that they borrowed it...

this is the second time someone has fucked up one of my amps.. the first time was with mike... he was drunk and kept turning on and off my Peavey 5150 head ($1000).. and its a tube head. soo you need to let it warm up... it even has a special switch for just letting it warm up.. the fucker... he doesnt remember becuase he was drunk.. soooo I HAVE TO PAY FOR IT.. little scrawny bitch..... he doesnt even have a job now... going down hill...
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09-04-04 8:45pm

awww....poor poor thing. *pets it* all thats wrong with my bass is that its a bit dusty...and my amps kinda old...but if you have nice stuff that they just messed up like be mad too. its not cool when people mess with your instruments. i say you spork their eyes out

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09-05-04 1:29am

I'm sorry you had a bad day. *HUGGLES*


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