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Janice_2001 (profile) wrote,
on 9-6-2004 at 2:58pm
Current mood: content
Subject: Bleh...
It's been while since I have typed in here and it's kinda cool to say yeah, I can't wait for school to start tomorrow. I am sick of sitten in my house and doing nothing all the time except when I go and party with Chris on the weekends and yeah we have a good time. If u all didn't know him and I got back together like 2 weeks ago after being separated for like 2 months. We are happy and are great. We are talking about lots of things and if he or I has a problem we confront and talk about it. It's awesome. I love him so much, I guess I could tell you there is a possible engagement from him soon. He said it's soon but time will tell and I agree. I am happy that we are happy and all u happy people are just happy. Well, this weekend I am havin a bon fire and it's gonna be cool. I don't know what's gonna happen at this party but we will see. Well, if u want to talk leave a comment.....

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