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AnnaLeBelle (profile) wrote,
on 9-6-2004 at 9:18pm
Current mood: loved
Subject: Nick
No one really understands the depth of my feelings, sigh. They all thing the Nick relationship is doomed. It will never work. They've tried online relationships before and they never worked out. Who's asking for your opinions? I'm certainly not. I don't want your advice, keep your opinions to yourself.

How dare you say it wasn't meant to be, that it's stupid, that I'm naive. How dare you condemn me, tell me it's not worth it, tell me it will never be.

I'll be the first to say this to your face, I don't care what you think. I really don't, so keep the bull to yourself. I don't care if we live far apart, Nick isn't a liar. He's never lied to me about anything and likewise, I've never lied to him. Maybe once or twice, but I always told him the truth, the guilt is too much to bear.

I love him with all the love in my heart, love that I've never felt for anyone else. Love that no one else has even began to imagine. I love him, God I love him so much. So don't say to my face that it won't happen, that he isn't the person I think he is. Don't TELL me those things.

You'll see, it will work.. We will make it work. We'll get there someday and we might be taking the long way but we'll get there. And we'll sit back, you all said we'll never make it and we'll just smile because we held on. We held on and came through in the end, we did, we did.

I love you Nick.

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Ish Nick!, 09-07-04 12:39am

aww I love you too. We'll show them bastards!

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Re: Ish Nick!, 09-08-04 11:12am


Bonjour from buisiness!! I heart you guys; especially my imouto-kun.


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