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playachika (profile) wrote,
on 9-10-2004 at 3:27pm
Current mood: content
Music: space
Well well, i havn't written in a couple days.
believe it or not im not failing AP euro. as of the intereims, i have all As, a 96 in Ap! YAY im exccited!
oh well, i hope i can keep them up. Hurrcane Ivan makes his way to florida on monday. they still arne't sure if we are going to have shcool. they arent sure of his projected path yet either but they are thinking it will hit south florida, meaning ft myersish! lol.. whatevr works i guess. im so incredibly tired. today was a long and yet fun day! i danced and i singed in spanish. i have a 95 in that class when i did really good on my oral because she didn't correct me at all.. whatever, i don't understand it. i hope seh did the right lauren's grade because if she didnt then im gonig ot cry because that's not fair.
Greg is grounded, im not sure if i told you that, i want to see him so bad. oh well.. maybe his parents willlet him off the hook for a night bfore everything gets destroyed in teh hurrcane. ill go to pittsburgh on sunday if it is def gunna hit. well, im done now. ill write later
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09-10-04 4:04pm

suprisingly enough. im not failing any honors courses either.


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